How to Look Expensive

Do you wanna know how to look expensive with less effort and time?

These 6 tricks will change your styling game forever.

  • Choose Neutral colors
This is an old trick that will help you not just to look but feel more expensive. Dressing up in all neutral colors not only will make you look taller, slimmer, it will also give the impression that you invested more effort in your look. Get a better effect by choosing different colors and textures in your accessories. Don't blindly follow trends. It is important to be aware of your look, age, body shape, and mood. Try to adapt trends and to choose those that are aligned with you.   
  • Purse is your best ally

One of the biggest signs of expensiveness and good teste is the way your purse is. To look more expensive try to avoid purses with logos, crazy prints, and weird shapes. Instead stick to simple, regular geometrical shapes in neutral colors.



  • Shiny and healthy hair

Even if you are in a plain outfit but you have nice hair, you will look more expensive and attractive. Taking care of your hair is very important. Also, be creative and experiment with different hairstyles.


  • Minimal makeup

Women from high society love natural makeup that is almost unnoticeable. First comes good skincare than makeup. When you have good skin you don't need lairs of makeup. You will need minimal products for maximal results.


Having soft hands and manicure in some neutral shade are basic indicators of every lady.


Every woman must find her signature scent that matches her sensibility. This is a key component that will complete an entire picture on how you come across.


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