By Nordvik

Meaningful Jewelry That Inspires Lasting Memories

 I'm Merete Nordvik, the founder of Scandinavian-based jewelry company, By Nordvik. I create beautiful, memorable jewelry gifts designed to send care, happiness, and kindness from you to your loved ones.



  When life is chaotic and stressful, my pieces help people appreciate the simple things and the important moments. Hold one of my designs close and time stands still, sparking reflection on the love that makes every day worthwhile. In that moment, a wonderful memory is made that lasts a lifetime.


 My designs are modern and minimal but the sentiment behind them is timeless and rich. Unlike flowers and chocolates, they can be enjoyed for years to come, stirring emotion within the recipient with every wear. They're inspirational jewelry gifts that tell a story, of my Scandinavian heritage and the sense of love between two special people.


 I believe that classic jewelry benefits the environment as well as the wearer since it's cherished throughout the years and not discarded when fashions change. Working with sustainability in mind, I create pieces that are not trend-focused and throwaway but made to last and be worn forever.


 Our mission is to create affordable and meaningful jewelry pieces to spread love in the world.  


Giving back is important. By Nordvik is proud to donate to select partner charities from around the world. I'm always striving to do more and continually looking for new charities to collaborate with. 


Shop my collections for personal jewelry gifts that will spark a moment of pure joy and a lifetime of heartwarming memories.