By Nordvik is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand.

We create Timeless, Scandinavian Jewelry and Accessories.

We believe that sustainability starts with wonderful timeless design.

We want to take care of the environment and therefore we create classic Scandinavian collections that are made to last. We create styles not trends.

Our collection includes delicate women jewelry, cute minimalist baby home décor as well as timeless men’s accessories with a Scandinavian touch.


My name is Merete Nordvik and I am the founder of By Nordvik. I am a Scandinavian designer, who loves to create unique, functional, and delicate items. I get my inspiration from my Scandinavian heritage.

I like to be inspired by the Scandinavian nature, using light, natural and bright colors. Minimal and simple designs are the key element to all my work.

Simplifying has become a natural part of my life. I pursue to live a much more meaningful, sustainable and happy life with less clutter.

I love to create affordable luxury items and personalized designs that brings value to people's lives all around the world.

I hope you will enjoy my collections!

Warm regards,

Merete Nordvik